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Business Presentation

Election and Conflict Transformation

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It is 2 am, the morning after the US political race, and I am wide awake. My mind is reeling at the results. I am trying to reflect on what…
Depressed businessman walking with dark cloud of rain and lightning

Dealing with Negativity

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Negativity is a common factor behind conflict in the workplace.  Some people think of it as a “virus” which can spread very quickly throughout an organization. Because the costs associated…
Calm businessman behind woman in office

Dealing with Longstanding Conflicts

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In situations where a conflict has been going on for a long time, it is often because one or both parties have been avoiding a true resolution of the problem.…

Case Studies

students in college lecture hall

Client Use Case | Education | Colorado State University

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Industry: Education Practitioner: Brooke Wichmann, Assistant Director of Conflict Resolution Colorado State University   The Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services at Colorado State University is dedicated to supporting…

Client Use Case | Healthcare | BayCare Health System

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Industry: Healthcare Practitioner: Zona Boyum, Succession Planning Coach BayCare Health Systems The impact of culture in reducing conflict is also stressed at BayCare Health System in Clearwater, Florida. Zona Boyum,…
Hospital Corridor

Client Use Case | Healthcare | Care Full Conflict LLC

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Industry: Healthcare Practitioner: Dennis M. Dennis, PhD, RN Principle at Care Full Conflict, LLC Dennis has been involved with health care issues since 1980. “I’ve used the CDP on a…
Fire fighter gear

Client Use Case | Government | Lealman Fire District

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Industry: State and Local Government Practitioner: Randy Keirn, MPA, BSN, EMT-P District Chief, Lealman Fire District President, Fully Involved Consulting, Inc 2010 Florida State Fire Instructor of the Year I’d rather…