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The CDP is an excellent addition to the consultant’s toolbox. We invite consultants of all kinds (executive coaches, consulting psychologists, organizational development specialists, internal human resources professionals, etc.) to learn how the CDP can be of value to you and your clients.

Leadership Coaching

One skill leaders must have to be successful is conflict resolution. However, managing conflict proves to be especially difficult for most leaders. Using the CDP with leaders has two benefits: it helps them identify where their own behaviors prevent or promote conflict,  and it also builds their confidence to recognize constructive and destructive conflict behaviors in others.

Organizational and Team Effectiveness

Organizations and teams can easily derail if conflict exists. Silos form and people stop communicating, which leads to a decrease in productivity and efficiency. Consultants can use the CDP to help organizations understand the cost of conflict to the organization. Feedback from the CDP can show how the organization as a whole tends to deal with conflict and what destructive behaviors are causing harm. Consultants can then use this information to coach leaders how to effectively resolve conflicts and promote a culture where more constructive behaviors are used.