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Most Recent Conflict-Related Articles by CDP

Business Presentation

Election and Conflict Transformation

| Communication and Behavior, Featured, Practitioners | No Comments
It is 2 am, the morning after the US political race, and I am wide awake. My mind is reeling at the results. I am trying to reflect on what…
Depressed businessman walking with dark cloud of rain and lightning

Dealing with Negativity

| Communication and Behavior, Culture, Featured | No Comments
Negativity is a common factor behind conflict in the workplace.  Some people think of it as a “virus” which can spread very quickly throughout an organization. Because the costs associated…
Calm businessman behind woman in office

Dealing with Longstanding Conflicts

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In situations where a conflict has been going on for a long time, it is often because one or both parties have been avoiding a true resolution of the problem.…

Conflict-Related White Papers

Cost of Conflict

This white paper explores how the cost of conflict can be calculated and four key areas affecting productivity (Wasted Time, Lower Motivation, Increased Turnover, and Disruptive Restructuring).

Conflict Competence

This white paper explores why conflict competence is so critical and examines, in depth, the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills that are needed to handle conflict effectively.

Conflict, Stress and Resilience

When we talk about resilience, we mean the ability of a person to effectively adapt to or bounce back from the adversity and stress that can arise in conflict settings. This white paper describes crucial elements to consider when improving one’s resilience to conflict.

Self-Evaluation Tools and Resources

Cost of Conflict Calculator

This eye-opening online calculator produces an estimate of the hidden financial cost of a specific conflict in your organization by evaluating nine cost factors.

Survey of Conflict Management Strategies

This online instrument identifies the blend of four conflict management strategies that are currently embedded in the structure and culture of your organization.

Guide to Managing Conflict Effectively

This guide outlines five simple strategies that can help you and your clients manage conflict more effectively.