Individual feedback is an essential part of the CDP process. Each person’s individual results are delivered by a trained practitioner and include both explanation of the instrument and dialogue about the results. Since this feedback session is so important to the value of the instrument, we require that the CDP be administered only by certified professionals.

Benefits of Certification:


  • Gain an in-depth perspective of the Conflict Dynamics Profile® history, research, theory, and key principles.
  • Learn how to analyze and apply data in the feedback report to the specific client’s behavior and concerns.
  • Learn how to structure a feedback session so that it effectively conveys the results while maximizing the client’s self-awareness.
  • Learn practical applications of the Conflict Dynamics Profile including how to assist others with developmental planning.
  • Become eligible to purchase the Conflict Dynamics Profile for your own business.

Qualifications for Certification

To maintain the quality and integrity of the instrument, there are minimum requirements to become a CDP Certified Facilitator.


  • Organizational experience in training, human resources, organizational development or conflict management
  • Previous involvement with assessment instruments
  • Bachelor’s Degree or coursework in psychology, organizational behavior, or a related field is preferred


Methods to become certified:

In-Person Certification

Attend an Open Enrollment program or schedule an On-Site Workshop with one of our certified instructors.

Learn more about in-person certification

Independent Study Certification

Study course materials off-line and at your own pace. Then complete a teleconference interview including a mock feedback session with a certified instructor.

Learn more about independent study certification

Practitioners in Europe interested in learning more about CDP Certification should contact one of our strategic partners.