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What is Your Organization’s Conflict Culture?

The MTI Survey of Organizational Conflict Management Strategies is an organizational assessment that helps you measure the effectiveness of your organization’s current conflict resolution strategies. The survey is comprised of the composite of four sub-strategies: Detachment, Evasion, Collaboration, Coercion. Each sub-strategy reflects the interaction between normative behavior (do organization members characteristically engage directly with others in conflict, or do they attempt to disengage from others?) and normative attitudes (do members perceive others as opponents and competitors {adversarial}, or do they see others as teammates {non-adversarial}?).

Although individuals may complete the survey to gain greater insight into the value of using the instrument on a broader organizational basis, the real value of this tool is as an organizational measure, not an individual one. That is, the index scores resulting from a single individual’s responses are of limited value, unless they happen to be representative of the entire organization.


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