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As today’s business world demands that companies pursue growth, corporate leaders (and the teams they lead) cannot be held back by unresolved conflict. They have to make the most of conflict situations by learning how best to resolve them.

Since individuals at all levels and in different types of settings can take the CDP, the opportunities for conflict management are limitless. Below are the primary ways the CDP can benefit corporate leaders.

Individual Development

The development of individual employees, whether it be sole contributors or the CEO, is an important factor in any organization. Individuals at all levels can take the CDP to identify their conflict resolution strengths as well as specific opportunities for development. The CDP Feedback Report incorporates data on 15 conflict behaviors and nine workplace “hot buttons.” Accompanying each feedback report is the CDP Development Guide which helps employees evaluate their results and plan a course of action.

Team Development

Learning how to manage team conflict is of critical importance to leaders. MTI’s products help leaders to manage their own conflicts as well as those of their colleagues and subordinates. The tools and methods help leaders work through issues that otherwise might cause huge business problems.

The composite information from a CDP Group Report can be used in various ways to help a team move forward. Looking at the “conflict makeup” of the team as a whole shows the range of where critical resolution skills are strong and where they are missing.  Team discussions about the results can enhance existing strengths, target areas for growth and guide team interactions in the future.


With the CDP, companies of all sizes and shapes can benefit from participating in an efficient and cost-effective benchmarking process that focuses on conflict resolution. Having a baseline assessment of an individual or group’s conflict skills allows for clear indicators of change or improvement over time and provides a framework for transformation.