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Mediation Training Institute

As the developer of the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), Eckerd College’s Mediation Training Institute is pleased to work with world-class partners from all over the world.

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As a network associate of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), we offer internationally acclaimed programs which help individuals, teams and organizations achieve their potential.

Strategic Partners

In addition to our longstanding relationship with CCL, we selectively collaborate with other credible organizations through shared programming and research. We are proud to partner with the following organizations:

Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD)

The Institute of Leadership Dynamics (ILD) in Berlin, Germany is a strategic partner in leadership and team development. ILD provides profiling feedback, training and certification in the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) in Europe. Additionally ILD consults and coaches clients in culture, organizational and people development. Based on the challenges of the Mega Trends of the 21st century and their influence on workplaces, ILD has developed “The 4Cs of Leadership®“, focusing on Conflict, Communication, Change & Accountability and Coaching as styles of leadership. With their affiliates in different European cities, ILD develops excellence in Leadership and HR solutions for executives and their teams.

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Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD)

IWD-Europe is a strategic partner dedicated and committed to improving quality of life at the workplace and helping individuals, teams and organizations enhance leadership performance, competitiveness and innovation while improving a company culture of satisfaction and peace at work.

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MoneyMind (MM)

MoneyMind in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is a strategic partner in leadership and team development providing training and certification in the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) in Brazil. MM also coaches clients to solve common problems associated with money choices, patterns, and the day-to-day management of money issues, inspiring them in the pursuit of harmony between mind and money to become more conscious and prosperous.

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