Hot Buttons Test

What are Hot Buttons?

Hot Buttons are those irritations and annoyances that can provoke you into conflict. They are the situations or characteristics in others that aggravate and frustrate you.

What happens when your Hot Buttons are pushed?

Interactions with button pushers can leave you feeling demoralized, unmotivated, powerless, anxious, and angry. Not only can they lead you to be less productive, efficient, and creative in the workplace, but they also can negatively affect your life outside of work as well as your physical and emotional well-being.

What can you do to deal more effectively with your Hot Buttons?

By gaining insight into what your Hot Buttons are, you can develop “cooling” strategies to button pushing and make behavioral changes that result in fewer negative emotions and less conflict. One effective way is with the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), an assessment instrument that was developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace.

Although the CDP gives extensive feedback on conflict behaviors and provides practical tips for dealing more effectively with conflict, a key section of the instrument highlights Hot Buttons. And we’ve put a portion of this section online so that you can try it out!

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