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The Center was fortunate to get an early look at Julia Menard and Judy Zehr’s new book, Hold on to Yourself Through Tough Conversations, which comes out in early February from Balboa Press. It is a wonderful new offering that helps explain and provide pathways for addressing the emotional challenges we all face in conflict settings. The book draws from a multitude of rich and diverse sources including Jon Kabat Zinn (mindfulness), Laurel Mellin (emotional brain training), Daniel Goleman (emotional intelligence), Daniel Siegel (interpersonal biology), John Gottman (couples communications), Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent communications), and others. It provides an in-depth but very readable look at the underpinnings of our neurobiological responses to conflict. Perhaps more importantly, their book shares practical approaches for being able to recognize and manage these emotional responses to help you “hold on to yourself” and deal with the conflicts in more balanced and effective manner. We strongly recommend it to you.

If you have additional questions about the book, contact Julia Menard at