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Take a Personal Time Out

By February 17, 2015May 4th, 2018No Comments

One of the passive constructive behaviors measured by the Conflict Dynamics Profile is called Delay Responding. In the CDP context Delay Responding is described as responding to conflict by waiting things out, letting things settle down, or taking a “time out” when emotions are running high.


The items associated with Delay Responding include: delay responding until the situation has settled down, take a “time out” in order to let things settle down, wait things out and see if the situation improves, temporarily leave the situation, and let things calm down before proceeding. Delay Responding has the lowest average scores of all of the CDP constructive behaviors.


People are emotionally challenged in conflict situations and this can cause them to speed up. They want to get things resolved. When they are energized by the conflict or are under the grip of negative emotions, it becomes easy to say or do things they may later regret. You have the ability as a CDP certified user to help them realize that delaying their response may be important. It can help them regain composure and have a chance to reflect on how they want to proceed.


It can be difficult to use Delay Responding in the heat of the moment. We recommend developing some strategies in advance that you can use when you need to buy time to let things settle down. This might include asking for a short break. It might also include telling the other person that the issue at hand is important and you want some additional time to reflect on things before going further.