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Announcing our new Center for Conflict Dynamics (CDP) and Mediation Training Institute (MTI) newsletter in January 2016!

This revised newsletter will become an all-encompassing resource for all of our Certified Practitioners.  Articles will include information pertinent to both the CDP and MTI consultant.  Look for our updated format.

Shipping and Fulfillment

To better serve our practitioners, we have moved our shipping to a fulfillment center, effective January 1, 2016. Please note: new CDP and MTI Shipments will be made from Madison, WI 53704. When your are placing orders, please plan accordingly for the change in shipping origin as transit times may be different.

New CDP Refresher Course

For CDP Certified Consultants who have been previously certified—both active and inactive members of the CDP network are eligible to refresh.  Anyone who has been previously certified and has not used the CDP since their certification is required to refresh. Any consultant who has not used the CDP in the last 12 months is encouraged to participate in a refresher course. As part of your refresher course, you will receive the latest certification materials. This course will reinforce your previous CDP knowledge and skills and help you to maintain consistent performance in feedback sessions. The refresher course will include a teleconference with the Center’s director, Craig Runde, and a 15% discount on your first order placed within 30 days of completing the refresher. The cost of the refresher course is $295.