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Build Self-Awareness

Since self-awareness is such a crucial piece to enhance conflict resolution skills, we make it a fundamental element of our programs and assessments. Our approach helps people to discover what they’re good at while acknowledging there is always room for improvement.


The first step is to explore how you currently respond to conflict compared to how you want to respond in the future. A simple process takes you from understanding yourself better to actually making positive changes:

  1. Understand your attitudes, emotions and behaviors when faced with workplace conflict
  2. Identify gaps in your own self-perceptions vs. the perceptions of others
  3. Create an action plan to leverage strengths and target areas for development

Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)

A cornerstone of this process is the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP). The CDP was developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace. It provides managers and employees with a greater awareness of the behaviors they demonstrate that prevent or produce conflict, as well as the behaviors in others that trigger negative reactions.

There are two versions of the CDP: the CDP-360 and CDP-Individual (CDP-I). The CDP-I is a “self-report” (it only looks at how you view yourself), whereas the CDP-360 is a full spectrum tool which gives not only your self-view but also delineates feedback from bosses, peers and direct reports.

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