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Thank you for attending our 2017 Practitioners Conference! For your reference, links to each of the presentations are provided here.
We look forward to seeing you all in St. Petersburg, Florida at our next conference, January 16-18, 2018.
Please contact the Mediation Training Institute at 888.359.9906 or [email protected] with any questions.

Practitioner’s Conference presentation by Rebecca Armacost, Director of the Mediation Training Institute

The Year of the New

CDP Certification presentation by Rebecca Armacost

Conflict Dynamics Profile Certification

“I love Conflict: Other People’s” presentation by Joseph D. Carella, Psy.D.

Case study: Tim & Jeff – entrepreneurial business unit in a traditional corporate structure

Marketing presentation by Matt Dreger, Director of Digital Marketing

MTI Marketing Presentation


Sales & Marketing Metrics, ROI Worksheet

The summary sheet links to each of the individual tabs which cover a few different types of marketing activities to measure. There are more applications, but these provide a good base. The goal is to have some standard metrics, no matter the type of marketing activity to compare results.

Marketing Metrics for Success, Overviews and Formulas

This is a print-friendly version of the formulas in the presentation and relate to the formulas used in the Sales & Marketing Metrics sheet.

MTI’s Conflict Cost Calculator

This is the zip file for our Manager Productivity Conflict Cost Calculator you would upload, if you install the ez form calculator on a WordPress platform site. It is a simple formula. So, if you want to use a different calculator plugin it should be able to be done with limited development.

Conflicts’ Cost on Manager Productivity = $ Managers Avg Salary x # of Managers x % of Time Managers Spend Dealing with Wasteful Conflict
That result is then multiplied by 20% to provide a basic cost savings if improvements in conflict management were made.

A good, basic ROI case for investing in training. This truly is meant as an initial awareness tool to help someone think of conflict as an organizational cost.

The Cost of Conflict White Paper on our site and more complex Enterprise Conflict Cost Calculator that we provide to practitioners certified in our Conflict Resolution and Mediation programs provide more depth and insight on this subject.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Dreger, Director of Digital Marketing, at [email protected]u.

Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD) presentation by Frank Strathus and Stefan Schönholz, Founders and Managing Partners of ILD, [email protected]

ILD and the Conflict Dynamics Profile

– ILD: Who we are and what we are doing
– Leadership Model “The 4 Cs of Leadership”
– Conflict Compass ©
– Emotional Triangle
– Structure of a 4 Cs Coaching Session

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