Craig Runde Craig E. Runde is Director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics.  He oversees product development and training programs, and alliances.  Craig is the coauthor of Building Conflict Competent Teams (Jossey-Bass, 2008), Developing Your Conflict Competence (Jossey-Bass, 2010), and Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader - Second Edition (Jossey-Bass,2012).  He is a frequent speaker and commentator on workplace conflict issues and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Conflict Management. Before joining Eckerd College, he was the director of the International Center for Computer Enhanced Learning at Wake Forest University. Craig received his B.A. from Harvard University, M.L.L. from the University of Denver, and J.D. from Duke University. He has practiced law in Colorado and has taught at the University of Minnesota Law School and Wake Forest University.

Roger SorochtyDr. Roger Sorochty retired from The University of Tulsa in June of 2013 after serving the University for twelve years as Vice President for Enrollment and Students Services and having served a wide range of colleges and universities during a forty-one career as an administrator and faculty member.  During more than half of his career Roger served as a vice president at such institutions as Newman University, St. Bonaventure University and, yes, Eckerd College.  During the period from 1990 to 1998 Roger served Eckerd as Vice President for Student Affairs and, beginning in 1995 as a staff member in what was then the Management Development Institute where he developed custom programs for companies such as Burger King and Glaxo-Welcome in addition to helping deliver the Leadership Development Program and providing feedback to the program’s participants.  It was during that time, and working with Sal Capobianco and Mark Davis, that Roger first became acquainted with the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) in its early stages of development.  Upon retiring, Roger and his wife, Barbara, returned to the home in which they lived during Roger’s time at Eckerd College.  In the recent years leading up to that, he continued to stay in touch with former colleagues and friends at Eckerd’s Continuing Education Center and, as a result of meeting Craig Runde, Director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics (CCD), explored an interest in reconnecting with Eckerd through the CCD.  As a result, Roger provides his services to the Center as the Senior Associate for Higher Education – exploring ways that colleges and universities can see the value of utilizing the range of programs and services the CCD offers for both professional staff and students in leadership positions. 

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