Online Certification

The CDP offers the convenience of completing all your study and the exam online through our partner, Care Full Conflict.

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The Process

  • Register online through the Care Full Conflict web site.
  • An opportunity is provided to take the CDP and receive an individual feedback report.
  • Once Registration is confirmed, the online lessons will be “live” and will step you through each segment of course content.
  • Live support from a certified trainer is available during the course.
  • Course completion proceeds at your pace. It is possible to register and complete certification in one day.
  • Personalized teleconference with a certified trainer at the conclusion of the online training.
  • Ongoing consultation and support to help you integrate the CDP and related tools into your professional practice.

Approximate Time Requirements

  • Initial Preparation 6-8 hours
  • CDP Certification Lesson 2-3 hours
  • Final Exam 20-30 minutes
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