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Are Disputes Taking A Toll On Your Organization?

The Mediation Training Institute (MTI) Can Help.

In 1985, Dan Dana, founder of the Mediation Training Institute said,

“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today, and the least recognized.”

Those words are as true now as they were 30 years ago. Organizations struggle to reduce costs, yet ignore the amount of money workplace conflict is costing them. The Mediation Training Institute (MTI) can help organizations reduce those costs through effective workplace mediator training opportunities.  MTI delivers the most intensive, comprehensive, and effective workplace mediator training available anywhere. Hence, we are the recognized global leader in developing mediators for workplaces. Learners will be prepared to perform successfully as mediators within their employing organizations or as external consultants.

Open-Enrollment Programs Offered by MTI

Conflict Dynamics Profile Certification (CDP)

1-Day Program

Through this program, participants will become certified to administer the Conflict Dynamics Profile.

Certified Workplace Trainer (CDP & CT)

3-Day Program

This program teaches participants how to deliver the workplace conflict mediation training programs in their organizations.

Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT)

5-Day Program

The CMT certification course trains participants as certified workplace mediator and trainers.

Resolving Workplace Conflict (RWC)

3-Day Program

This train-the-trainer course will allow participants to learn how to teach effective conflict and mediation strategies in their workplace.

Upcoming Program Locations and Dates

Please contact us at or 888-395-9906 for more information on any of these programs.